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  • darziw

    J’ai commencé le poker il y a 3 ans, non pas avec Patrick Bruel et son World Poker Tour sur la chaine cryptée mais en Australie avec des irlandais avec qui je passais mes soirées à jouer des ... Read more

  • comb@t

    mein Name ist Markus Klein und mein Benutzername bei PSO ist "comb@t".  Ich bin zwar schon recht lange bei PSO registriert, hatte aber bis dato lediglich einen Raum (Carbon Poker) gezeichnet und auch gecleart. Danach war ich... Read more

  • SirJono

    Registering for Carbon Poker was pretty simple, however, I had some troubles depositing onto their website. However, their 24-hour live support was very helpful and guided me through the process. They also assured me I would still get... Read more

  • mudbatter

    I started my online poker with play money games and freerolls around 2007. Early 2008, I found myself looking at Poker Source webpage thinking that this is way too good to be true. “They are actually giving me money if I... Read more

  • rgn1901

    There are many things that I could say in appreciation of Pokersource and its operators.  I became aware of Pokersource through a friend’s referral.  I am quite a new player. I first found out about online poker from... Read more

  • hockeystl

    I joined Poker Source Online during its infancy back in May 2004 when the poker forum had just rolled out and the staff consisted of three guys working out of their garage.  Five years later, PSO has grown into the most efficient and... Read more

  • GUNIT69

    Hello all, it would be my pleasure to tell you all about my personal experience with the PokerSource website. It has been my personal opinion that this is one of the best websites on the Internet that will provide up and coming poker... Read more

  • deadmanshand

    I completed the Nevada Jacks 300-promotion in December of 2007. As soon as my promotion was accepted I deposited 100$ on Full Tilt Poker and started playing at a 1/2$ nl holdem table. I played for 4 hours that night and 4 hours the next... Read more

  • rmccown

    Just a note to say thanks for a great program. I discovered your program years ago while looking for ways to build my online poker bankroll. I had only made one deposit prior and was about to work off my first time deposit bonus so was... Read more

  • spazdoubt

    PokerSource.com now is my only source for free gifts and poker room promotions.  After knowing about some other poker affiliate sites for a while, I stumbled upon PokerSource.  I was really taken back.  Here was a new online... Read more

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