I started my online poker with play money games and freerolls around 2007. Early 2008, I found myself looking at PokerSource webpage thinking that this is way too good to be true. “They are actually giving me money if I start to play real money games through PokerSource.” – I thought.  I signed up to PokerSource and started with free poker money promotion and worked my way through it and received my bonus quickly. I started to go through all the bonuses systematically slowly getting my bankroll doubled and doubled again. When I got enough bankroll, I decided to collect the needed amount of PSO points to get my hands on those sweet Nevada Jack chips. I got the required points easily and ordered Nevada Jacks chips to give more feeling to home games and they surely are worth of the effort.

All this time I had the support from other PokerSource users through forums which are an excellent source of information. Let’s not forget to mention that the PokerSource staff is replying to your questions quickly and in a polite manner. What an excellent experience.

After I had gone through most of the bonuses I found out that I could get some PSO points through referral program. I got few of my friends to sign up to PokerSource and start playing different promotions. Now at steady intervals I get some points as a referral bonus. This is excellent as  I just wait and see points appearing to my account.  I always try to find some more people and tell them about this great opportunity.

I have registered into few other affiliate sites but none of them has this quality of service. PokerSource outstanding phone support, live chat and the forum. You are never left without support. For me it is the thing that have kept me going on, knowing that I am not alone when facing problems or have something to ask.

Now after some changes in my personal life I have decided to leave online poker for a while. All of the online poker has not taken me any personal money. Everything started through PokerSource. I decided to buy a motorcycle and through PokerSource I have gotten the cash for protective gear such as jacket and helmet.  Let’s not forget about the Nevada Jack chips and 57000 PokerSource points.

In my opinion this is the easiest and the safest way to start playing with real money. You have absolutely nothing to lose. For the more experienced players this is just a great way to boost up your bankroll or get some nifty gear or accessories.

On my behalf I would like to thank everyone in PokerSource for giving me a great time in online poker and in personal level to enjoy different products that I have received. Thank You.

Best Regards,

Mikko aka. mudbatter (PokerSource username)

Country: Finland

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