Dear PokerSource,

Just a note to say thanks for a great program. I discovered your program years ago while looking for ways to build my online poker bankroll. I had only made one deposit prior and was about to work off my first time deposit bonus so was looking for my next opportunity. Your offer through Party Poker for a free $100 instant bankroll seemed too good to be true so I was skeptical but decided there was nothing to lose.

The detailed, step-by-step instructions were easy to follow and I was on my way in no time. Sure enough, I signed into my account and BAM!!!!....there was the $100....I could hardly believe it. After completing the raked hands requirement the money was mine for the taking.

I continued building my bankroll playing poker and taking advantage of first time deposit bonuses, always signing up for accounts through PokerSource. That was another astonishing element....I was still able to get the first time deposit bonuses regardless of signing up through an affiliate program. So why not also receive fantastic gifts and tools that were also going to make me a better player? PSO has affiliated with all the great sites so I had accounts with Full Tilt, Absolute and Paradise and received the Poker Tracker software, Wilson Hold'em software and a Nevada Jacks chipset. The Nevada Jacks chipset is my favorite. What an awesome chipset of clay composite chips and cards in a nice aluminum case! I brought the set over to a buddy of mine's place and he couldn't believe I had gotten it free. Well.....if the truth be known....it wasn't actually free as I had to suffer through many hours of playing the great game of poker, at a great site, all while sipping a rum & coke. Life's rough, but somebody had to do it.

My bankroll went from an initial $50 deposit down to $14.76 the first month. Ouch!! I obviously didn't understand the game very well and had taken quite a spanking. So I needed all the help, bonuses and free gifts I could get. After 2 years I was up over $1200. I'm sure others have done much better than that, but I worked full time and couldn't get in as much time at the tables as I would have liked. It was still a much better return than I had gotten on my investments over that same 2 year period, and I was having a great time at my new hobby. Analyzing my game (and that of my opponents) through the Poker Tracker program was a huge help and accelerated my progress greatly.

Well.....that's about it. I highly recommend taking advantage of all the great promotions PokerSource offers to all my poker playing friends. It's easy to sign up and the process is thoroughly explained through every step. Once the requirements were met the gifts were received promptly and in excellent condition. It was also very easy to keep track of the promotions I was working on and their status on the PokerSource website. Keep up the good work PokerSource and thank you very much!!!


Melbourne Beach, FL USA


PokerSource is the home of the original Free Poker Money and Free Poker Gifts promotions.  If you want to check out some of same offers 'rmccown' signed up for click here.