spazdoubt now is my only source for free gifts and poker room promotions.  After knowing about some other poker affiliate sites for a while, I stumbled upon PokerSource.  I was really taken back.  Here was a new online poker player support site with all of the same offerings plus more of a user friendly graphical user interface.  

This was only the beginning, as I ventured further and dug up many gems as I explored the pages.  Current poker news was there; an awesome poker forum was there that talked about every subject imaginable, including strategy and tips; and a resource page was included in the links, which links you to every resource possible comparing online poker rooms, books, poker players, poker cards, chips, etc.  Then I got to the promotional offers for free gifts and free money for signing up for certain poker rooms.  It seemed they are very generous.  Customer support is second to none, offering email support, instant chat via a popup chat box 24/7, a phone number where you can actually get an agent on the phone, which no other site like this offers, and then of course the awesome support forum.  I have used the chat window many times and was always helped in a sufficient and speedy manner.  I have not tried the phone since I've always got a quick response from chat and even the email support is very quick too.  

Back to the promotional offers which I'm sure everybody wants to hear more about.  Well, it is the main reason I was surfing for a new player reward program.  Free money to try out a different or new poker room - who can pass that up?  The selection was Bodog, Absolute Poker, or Ultimate Bet.  As I was already a Bodog customer, I could only take advantage of the other two.  These are no ‘rinky dinky’ poker rooms; they are all in the top 10 on about every comparison website out there.  So, to be offered free money to play on one of them is truly magic.  There is an option of depositing $50 or $100, getting generous compensation, over 100%; or, you can opt to make no deposit and receive $100.  Just like that, $100 instant bankroll at Absolute Poker (I chose to try Absolute Poker, since PokerSource actually ran regular freerolls there too!).  The process of getting the money in front of you at the table is so easy a caveman can do it.  Firstly the software has to be downloaded from and like I said earlier, you have to have never registered an account of the site you are trying to get the money for.  After that, just register a new account, contact PokerSource with the info and viola - start playing real poker without risking a cent of your own.  

I'm sure you've seen the commercials claiming come play for free - yeah with play money.  This is a sure way to learn how to play like a donkey.  Wouldn't you rather get real money and play at a real money table where you can learn without risking anything and possibly build a nice big bankroll out of nothing.  With PokerSource, you may never need to make a deposit of your own.  I received a follow up email from PokerSource asking if I had received the funds, which I received them within the hour after signing up.  I have never seen that kind of swiftness when it comes to receiving free money.  Other emails alerted me to those freerolls I mentioned which were kind of like more free money by reaching the payout cut, which was pretty easy considering most that play freerolls are not very good players. This is a great addition to the instant bankroll promotion.  

So, after six months I received an email saying that I was eligible for another instant bankroll(you can only take advantage of this offer every six months).  Cha-ching!!  It actually came at just the right time as I was experiencing a major downswing going through bad beat after bad beat.  I was thinking it was about time to try out another room, so now I had a chance to for free.  Wahoo!  I guess Christmas came early this year.  Since I've developed a feel for Absolute Poker, I thought, since Ultimate Bet is now on the same network, I shouldn't have to learn much new stuff.  PokerSource has truly made the experience of trying out new poker rooms whether or not newbie(fish) or veteran(shark) a very pleasurable one.  

Thanks PokerSource


Texas,   USA


PokerSource is the home of the original Free Poker Money and Free Poker Gifts promotions.  If you want to check out some of same offers spazdoubt signed up for click here.