My name is Yaheni, I've been playing poker for about 1 year. It all started with the fact that as the evening I watched TV. According to the TV channel Sport showed poker ... I do not remember exactly which tournament but I remember that Alexander Kostritsyn won it. I did not know what poker was so I look at what happens on TV, and did not understand anything. But after seeing I wanted to know what is poker was all about.


Well, I began to search on the Internet and view information. To be honest I do not remember at what point I began to play live poker, but I can say one thing when poker came into my life, I could not imagine myself without poker. I began to learn the rules, surf the internet, buy books on poker, play with friends. Gradually, I began to learn about the existence of online poker rooms, poker sites, and the fact that are large poker tournaments. I watched training videos and studied hard books on poker. Looking ahead I can say that the Instructional video with Daniel Negreanu made such an impression on me that he was my idol and mentor of all that I can, and to this day I watch almost all his games and video as watching him the game can be again and again to learn new and improve old tricks, traps, and so much more information. I will not dwell on this except to say that Daniel and his phrase, "Do not do anything stupid," has become for me one of the most important and to this day playing poker, sitting down at the table, I say to myself, "Do not do anything stupid."


One day while sitting on the internet, I found Pokersource.com poker site that has a very cool free poker gift bonuses, ie you can try to play different poker rooms and still get a great boost to your bankroll. I started with Partypoker because have always wanted to try to play it, it is a great poker room, and I got all the bonuses of about $150 for a $100 commission from Pokersource.com. Soon I'm going to try other poker rooms, such as Redstar and Betfair. For these poker rooms Pokersource.com also have a wonderful bonuses. I withdrew money on Skrill and received payment from PokerSource within 2 days.


This is an incredible opportunity for new players to significantly increase your bankroll, and for regular players a nice opportunity to try to play on different platforms.


Thank you very much!

Username: yshashok