Hello! My name is Vadzim. I'm 23 years old and I graduated from the university one month ago. I played poker with friends, and sometimes played MTT offline and online. I wasn't very good in this. But last 4 month I started to play poker online hard. It's not easy to win money online now.

You need to play hard to push the limits if you play with bankroll management. But not long ago I found Pokersource.com. It is a very nice find, my friends. With your experience and PokerSource free gift bonuses you can really fast grow in the limits and play with good bankroll. Firstly I registered in PartyPoker, its nice poker room with good software and lots of players. It was easy to complete requirements of this free poker gift even playing my low limits :) Then I tried 888 Poker.

Now I want to play other free poker gift promotions. I want to try more poker rooms, before I start to play somewhere.

Pokersource is very good site to start your poker career, or just increase poker bankroll. Thank you so much for bonuses, that you give! Hope for some new promos. :)

Username: uporotsik

Minsk, Belarus