Good day! My username perinyonbar. I knew guys who earn enough money with poker and this let them not to have a work, which most of the people find prestigious. I decided to try to receive easy money too, but pretty soon found out that it was a little bit harder than I’d imagined.

All would agree that poker teaches us to think, to be discreet, to appreciate success. The main thing that I cleared to myself was that when you play online poker you play not with people, but with program. I mean the difference between real poker and online. Also in terms of this program, each player within the 1st right hand is doing or wrong action, which is reflected in the distribution statistics.

The sum of the accumulated ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ leads to the degree of ‘luck’ of each player. The time you understand the way everything works you’ll definitely reach the play level which allows you to earn money! When I found , it was a good day! I could use my knowledge plus a very nice free poker gift when played. So when you don't care about money you play, you can think colder and clearly.

I completed PartyPoker in +100$ and recieved 120$ from PokerSource! I'll try another poker rooms from this great site, and hope that other free poker gifts will be added.


Thank you very much, PokerSource!

username: perinyonbar