My name is Vlad, I am 23 years old and I live in Minsk, Belarus. I’ve never been interested about gambling, it always seemed a waste of time to me. When I met with my friends on the weekends, they often were playing different card games while I preferred to stay out of it. Once they decided to play poker and insisted that I played with them. They explained to me the rules and the game started. I couldn’t remember priority of combinations but I really enjoyed playing. Even when my mates tired of it I didn’t want to stop, and we played till the morning.  

On the next day I was determined to spend more time learning this game. I tried to find some educational resources about poker and discovered PokerStrategy site. I found there a lot of interesting information about poker including tutorials, videos and reviews of strategies. After some time learning the theory I decided to apply my knowledge in practice.

The only site that I knew from advertisement was PokerStars so I registered there. As I made my first deposit I got bonus from the poker room and started to play. I played different tournaments, cash games and freerolls and my normal buy-in was about 1-3 dollars. Sometimes I won many tables in a row and sometimes lost. When I was lucky my bankroll increased by 20-30%, but after a while I always returned to my original amount. After I played in this poker room a couple of weeks I started to get bored. It seemed to me that I was stuck in one spot. I understood that it would be the same picture in other rooms on the distance because poker is a dispersive game.

I began to think how to deal with this problem and once found at the forum info about PokerSource.

I’ve heard about rakeback before but you often have to play a very big amount of hands to earn something. At PokerSource I found a Free Poker Gifts section. Here you can choose a Poker Room and then you have to earn the amount of points which is needed and get your bonus points. These points you could exchange for some cool stuff such as poker accessories and money, of course. After completing one promotion you could chose another one right away. There are always some additional points bonuses available so you have plenty of options to choose.

After finishing my room, Betfair poker, I was rewarded by 7500 PokerSource points + additional 2000 for the room of the month, which were credited to my account almost instantly. Counting only a game itself I finished in slight minus, but considering bonuses from PokerSource and Betfair the result was pretty good for me. Comparing to my previous experience PokerSource gave me background for making a good money.

I want to thank PokerSource for the great conditions they provide to players. Hope to continue my poker adventure here.

PokerSource nickname: marmevlad33