My name is Vadzim, I'm 28. Now I want to talk about my Pokersource experience. My username is " jdihhers " About year ago I didn't hear about poker at all. Some people that I know played it sometimes, but it was not interesting for me. One time we relaxed with friends and they offer to play poker for some beer :) They taught me about combinations. And we played some mini-tournaments at home. I didn't know even what is "raise", "fold" or other poker termins. And after that we played 2-3 times per month for fun.

Then one of these guys said that he is playing online. I was very interested and asked him to show me how and where. For the first time I played on pokerstars for playing money. Than I decided to deposit 50$. I played different SNG tournaments and MTT too. Started to find some books or video about studying poker. And one time on the big forum I found PokerSource.com. It's the great poker community, which offer a bonus money for playing different poker rooms. I registered and started to play. I started with only 50$ and in 2 weeks my bankroll was about 400$. It's unreal to do that without great luck in MTT, or be a very good PRO.

I advise every new player to try these great promotions on Pokersource.


Username: jdihhers