I’m dinacandy on PokerSource. I started playing poker just this year when I met my boyfriend. He really loves the game. At first, he took me to free tournaments at the local poker room then he started paying for the really small buy in tournaments for me. We live in the Philippines so we can play in tournaments for only $10.

I really enjoyed playing so I started watching him when he played at home online. He helped me open a play money account and I practiced a lot. Then I deposited money and played 2 cent poker forever. Finally, I opened an account with PokerSource.

My first account was at 888 Poker. I really liked playing here. The games were really exciting and I really loved the graphics, like how you can throw the eggs or the trophy at the other players. It was scary playing for more than two cent poker, but my boyfriend was really helpful. He helped me get Poker Tracker and after my sessions we would talk about the games I played. Also we watched training videos and the world series of poker on youtube, so that helped me get better I think. I was so happy when I completed the requirements for the 888 Poker promotion. I got 8000 pokersource points plus it was Room of the Month too so that was an extra 2500 points – that’s $125 in Amazon gift certificates!

After that I opened an account at America’s Card Room. In my opinion, it is not as good as 888, because the graphics are not as fun as 888. Also, the games seemed harder. My boyfriend said that it’s one of the few sites Americans can play on, so there are lots more sharks and that’s why it’s hard. Still, I tried my best and stayed focused. After about one month, I cleared that bonus too. It was the same as 888 – I got 8000 points plus Room of the Month 2500 points, so again it was $125.

Now I am going to do the promotion with Tiger Gaming. After I finish this promotion I will use my points to go shopping on Amazon. It’s almost Christmas time, so I am going to buy myself some presents.

I think PokerSource.com is really great. If you are a new player like me and don’t have a lot of money, it can be scary to play for money. If you have PokerSource, you know that even if you just break even you still make money. I like playing online too; it’s really comfortable to stay home and play. I would like to thank PokerSource for giving me this wonderful opportunity to have fun and make some money too. I’m trying to get my friends to play. They have the refer a friend promotion, so I will tell my friends about it. Then if they complete the promotion I will get $30 each time. That’s free money and I don’t even have to do anything.


Thank you PokerSource!