Hi - I don't know about you, but I am very wary of online poker offers. Most of them have some hidden agenda just to get you signed up to a room and have you make a deposit. Then you realise that making whatever terms the offer laid down is almost impossible unless you are a high stakes player. Well you can rest your worried head, you don’t get that here at PokerSource.

I have looked at the offers for a long time, but I always had something going on in the poker world. I was in a cash race somewhere, a rake race here, a promo there. I play a few forum games as well as I like to support them by signing up for deals they promote.

This time, I had a very close look on what PokerSource had to offer. I have never gone for free bankroll deals, but PokerSource have a few on offer if that’s your thing. Maybe I should take advantage of one of these offers? Plenty of time, the offers don’t disappear overnight.

I decided to go for a points offer on bwin. Partly because I know the network and partly because how hard can it be to earn 300 FPP? It seemed a very good deal to me, plus it was Room of the Month here and that added an extra 2500 points to the deal.

I made a small deposit, got my details to PokerSource, which they confirmed and I set out on the road to earn the FPP [frequent player points] points I needed to complete the deal.

The reason I took a points deal over rakeback or free money was the gift cards that can be purchased in the points store. I can purchase gift cards for various poker rooms or for places like Amazon, where I shop a lot. So that really appealed to me.

I was amazed that I received an e mail from PokerSource reminding me that I was already halfway through the time period stipulated to complete the deal. I took a look at where I was with regard to earning the points needed. I was behind. I am not a high volume player; I play when and if I want to. Anyway, I decided to jump up a level to earn a few more points. More rake equals more points and you pay a lot more rake playing 10NL than you do at 4NL. The points started racking up and I finished the deal well within the 60 day time limit. I was slightly concerned that I might not complete within the time frame, so I emailed PokerSource support and they got back to me within 24 hours [miracle these days] and said if needed, I could get a couple of days time extension if I was close to completion. As it was, I didn't need it, but it was reassuring to know it was there as a fall back if required. I really cannot fault PokerSource in the dealings I have had with them.

The points showed up in my PokerSource account after about 7 days of completing the deal, which again, was fast for the online poker world. There’s usually some hassle to go through before people pay up. Not PokerSource, they were good to their word. It’s now up to me what I do with those points. They don't expire and PokerSource have been around a long time, so I doubt they are going to leave the online world in the next few days. There’s no rush to spend the points, and with Merge having problems right now and Revolution, it means I can happily wait until things settle down a tad. I really do dislike being hurried into decisions, but I don’t have to be concerned about that issue at PokerSource.

The extra cash will enable me to move up a level now to 25NL. I have wanted to try that for sometime now, so thanks PokerSource for giving me the chance to do that.

I have been so impressed by my experience at Pokersource.com that I am already eying up the points deal at Red Kings. That one appears attainable and I enjoy the games at Ongame, so that’s a bonus as well. If I don’t do it this month, then it won’t be long until I do. There’s nothing to lose really, but everything to gain.

So to sum it all up, if you have any doubts whatsoever about signing up for a deal here, let me tell you, there’s just no need. The sign up is simple, the deals great and PokerSource are as good as their word. I doubt you will have any regrets, I didn't.

PS Username:  Tino11

Country: United Kingdom