My name is Oleksii, I'm 23 years old and from Smila City in the Ukraine.  My first poker experience was at offline poker club in 2012. Despite the fact that I lost my salary that day, I fell in love with this wonderful game :-)

Then there were two years of game on the weekends until the poker clubs became illegal. The games in our offline poker rooms were so simple that the only skills that were needed to win some money were perseverance . Everything changed when I started playing online. There I found an incredible choice of games but the player's level was radically different from the offline I played before. After 3 times lost bankrolls I began to spend time on theory instead of practice... Several months of hard work with the statistics and calculators gave the result - I started winning more than the averege salary in my small town. I quit my job and became engaged in poker professionally. In the term "winnings" I also include all receipts from the poker room's vip-system. And to be honest- the cashback was my main part of the income. All described above took place in all known poker room, so after changing their rewards system my pokerplaying turned to waste of my time in 2017. So I'm done with online poker in february.
The comeback occured in autumn when my friend told me about PokerSource.com Free Poker Gifts offers plus promotion of additional 3000 points for any registered room looked insanely tempting so I registered immediately. And I tripled my banroll of $200. And it took only 4 days of play ;-) More- in the reports below.

The room I decided to start with was Americas Cardroom. I started with $15 turbo 6max sngs and lost 2/3 of my bankroll in few hours of playing. Tilted I moved to plo25 and returned the loss. All next day long I still played plo25, won 2 buy-ins and complied the requirements for Free poker gift from PokerSource.com. Plesantly surprised what I found in "promotions" tab of cashier ACR: $25 1st deposit bonus, $50 cards promotion, $10 medal, $8 points exchange and $90 from Poker Source, wow.

For my taste, Americas Cardroom is 5 of 5: many ways to deposit, very nice soft, good number of players online, incredible loyalty bonuses and fast payout.

My room #2 was TigerGaming. I choose $15 6max sit-n-gos and one ups. Once again 2 days of nonstop grind and one more Free poker gift fulfilled. $23 profit plus $110 from Pokersource points and $50 1st deposit bonus from Tigergaming. My rating to the room is 3 of 5 by reason of a bit slow software and not impressive promotions.

So, 4 days of hard gring with the help of PokerSource.com turned $200 to $640

Redstar Poker on the way and new review soon.

Good luck.


PokerSource.com username: Lovo
Country: Ukraine