Hello, My name is Galina, I'm 24 and live in Moscow. Now I want to talk about my PokerSource experience.  My first experience with poker was in early June 2014. Before this, I did not even know any of the rules of the game, seniority of combinations. Always prefered chess to card games. Because of the feeling of insecurity, as well as the absence of any experience, playing for money is not my first preference. In two months I played freerolls and parallel build theoretical base.

Then I decided to play the Cash. I took $500 from my budget. I remember that feeling of novelty. I remember my first stack I lost set after set on the first day of the game. That was tragedy. I played for PokerStars NL10-25 from time to time all this time. Then I heard about PokerSource and their Free Poker Gifts promotions. I decided to try. There was a choice between PartyPoker and Tigergaming, so I read about both rooms, and all players have written that there is a softer field and not so much regulars. As a result, I made a deposit and played for almost a month, finished the promotion, which was a 20 percent increase my bankroll. Now I probably will try another Free Gift at Partypoker, because I will get more points via PokerSource.

PokerSource is very good site to increase your poker bankroll. Even if you loose some of your own money in process, free poker gift will be for you great support,


PokerSource username: GreekBucks