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deadmanshandI completed the Nevada Jacks 300-promotion in December of 2007. As soon as my promotion was accepted I deposited 100$ on Full Tilt Poker and started playing at a 1/2$ nl holdem table. I played for 4 hours that night and 4 hours the next morning and by that time I had risen from 100 to 200 dollars then went down to 80 dollars and had managed to get the required 250 FTPs to complete the promotion.
I withdrew my 80 bucks and notified PokerSource that I'd done my part and then began the eager wait for all the confirmations to be made. The Nevada Jacks ceramics are GREAT.  The feel and the sound are perfect.  Also, the quality cards that came with the set are a great add-on, not to mention the ceramic dealer-button, which also brings high-class style to our low-stakes cash games.
Here in Finland, many people who play online have taken advantage of this grand opportunity to get high class chips for low cost games. Here, a 300 chip set of ceramics costs roughly 280-450 dollars, so many of us who play mostly for a hobby, can't afford to buy them.

Basically I prefer ceramics over the clay ones, because even though clay chips are the highest class of poker chips, they tend to get smudgy and they might also break more easily than their ceramic counterparts.
In conclusion, I would like to thank the good people at PokerSource for making it possible for us Finns to own a set of super-awesome chips that most of us can´t otherwise afford.  I lost 20$ in the process of completing the promotion and counting from the original price of 450 dollars, I'm still 430 dollars ahead!

Kemi, Finland


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